The Components of our Approach.

The concept of therapy for Mexico was initially born from a vision: a healthy, creative Mexico, able to assume its role in the world, where its people are able to draw on the wealth of resources in its European and indigenous roots; a Mexico that can live in peace integrating the waves of immigrants who have made it their home, making the most of all its enormous potential and flourish together as a nation, and of making these healing resouces available to all.

The task is huge, but the collective need and will to carry it out are increasing every day. Furthermore, the multiplicity of resources currently available for emotional healing, from the individual to the collective, make it feasible to think that this is possible and worth putting everything in our power to achieve this.

The services offered here are then designed to overcome obstacles arising from the emotional and relational dimensions to achieve this vision, and can apply to both Mexicans and people of other nationalities, as many other countries have historically undergone analogous colonial dynamics that have left similar problems currently afflicting much of the world's population. In fact, about 60-70 % of people who use our services are either not Mexican and / or are living outside Mexico.

These obstacles, of historical origin but present manifestation, have prevented us from integrating and healing the transgenerational wounds that have afflict us for centuries, and maintain deep ruptures and separation in our social fabric. They manifest at many levels: individual, inter-personal, family, transgenerational, group, collective, institutional and national levels. Therapy for Mexico's offering of counseling services is designed to address these obstacles at various levels of manifestation, from the personal to the collective.

The work we do at Therapy to Mexico has different foundations compared to many other therapies, as it took shape drawing on various disciplines: several strands of psychotherapy, cultural anthropology, chaos and complexity theories, critical discourse analysis. These come together to provide a therapeutic perspective that is broader, as well as deeper, that helps us understand the different dimensions of our being: from collective to personal, from corporeal to spiritual, from our past wounds to our future inspiration. This work invites us to a deeper understanding of our complexity to identify both our strengths, as well as those wounds that continue to impact us in the present, to heal them and enable us to experience a new level of flourishing and wellbeing.

In this site you will find information about our therapeutic and educational services, resources for emotional support, as well as information on the collective healing project of Therapy for Mexico.