Emotional healing processes are enhanced when done collectively.

Most of us do not have an in-depth understanding and skill in distinguishing when our emotions are coming from the past, and invading our present. We usually treat them like they are all about the present. This has important impacts in our relationships and in our experience of ourselves as we relate.

Emotional growth groups are about learning and practicing relating to our emotions and to ourselves in a more attuned and skillful way, where we become capable of discerning what aspects of our emotional experience are from the past, and which ones are from the present.

To achieve this, we gain understanding about our emotional dynamics, and apply that to ourselves in a group setting, where we witness others and are witnessed by others, and in both exercises, we get to grow our capacity to be with what we feel and discern what it is about.

The result of this in our lives is that we will become more capable of not projecting onto others in the present emotional content from our past, so we are left much better able to distinguish what really belongs to the present and deal with that in a much more skillful way.