In Therapy for Mexico we offer 2 types of individual work:

Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy

Intuitive Integral Psychotherapy, which combines emotional, mental, physical and (if pertinent) spiritual therapeutic resources in a single session. The work is especially recommended for people who are dealing with the same emotions and reactions, even after they have already done spoken or cognitive therapy. 

This is because approaching problems from multiple angles allows the integration of experiences that overwhelmed us in the past, which are those that create the reactions that plague us today. 

This type of work is more effective with people who have easy access to their emotions. Sessions are 55 minutes to 1 hour, as the work is efficient and thorough. The kind of therapeutic support can vary from doing just one session to deal with a particular problem, to temporary ongoing support for a specific process (such as a separation or loss of a job, or a significant person) to long-term support focused on creating profound changes in one's life. 

The frequency and duration of sessions can be adapted to respond to the changing needs and situations of each person. As people increase their ability to cope with life’s challenges, the frequency of meetings is reduced until  the process is concluded. If a crisis arises, it is possible to restart sessions, or increase the frequency of sessions until the crisis is contained and we can then return to a lower frequency.

Personal and spiritual development.

Personal and spiritual development. Once we heal our emotional wounds and integrate our past to a sufficient degree, our search changes so we are not only looking for health, but for fulfillment. These sessions explore the avenues of authentic expression of our being from a multiplicity of resources: discursive, artistic, coaching, contemplative, body movement, etc., and is available in both single format, and couples. The focus is much more on resourcing our healthy aspects, and the experience brings much more joy and expansion.

With all these options, each session is different. In Laura's words:

"My clients and I determine together what is the best way to work with them, depending on their needs. Therefore, we can start with conversations in the office in which I support them in learning more about anger and emotional management, improving their communication skills or helping them to broaden their perspective.

"Other times, we can address recurring problems that require body work to release impulse patterns that have been around for years sometimes, and require the wisdom of the body to heal.

"They may also require support with the design or facilitation of a ritual or healing process to help them say goodbye to someone who passed away or a relationship that ended, or support to recover from abuse, or to forgive and resolve old resentments with oneself and with others.

"Any of these avenues has the potential to offer people the freedom to move on with their lives. By attuning and adapting my work to the situation people are at, I seek to find the best approach for people to feel comfortable with the work we do together. "