Basic Elements in Collective Trauma Healing Work 1

Basic Elements in Collective Trauma Healing Work 1: Complexity, Coherence, Connection, Compassion and Consciousness

A 6 weeks series on the foundations of Collective Trauma Work.

In this course we will learn and practice some of the basic foundations for addressing collective trauma.

We will devote one 2 hr session to each of the aspects of collective trauma work that are needed to set the foundations for this very needed work in these challenging times: complexity, coherence, connection, compassion and consciousness.

There will be a one week break during the Collective Trauma Summit, and we will come together for the last integration session after the Summit.

What you will walk away with:

1.- A clearer understanding of what collective trauma is, what is needed to heal it, and some practices to start developing the fundamental competences required to work with it.

2.- A community of practice and inquiry to continue engaging in this work over time.

3.- A clearer sense of the resources we have available and the challenges we can face as we engage in this beautiful and demanding work.